Intern Testimonials




“The most important thing God has shown me during my time with An Tobar Nua is how to enjoy every situation and person that comes my way. I only had a short time here and really asking God what He wanted me to use that time for is the most important thing.” -Intern (2015)





“My time here has provided a place for me to discover more about myself and what God has called me to. I have also learned what true ministry looks like. Before coming here, I had a unrealistic view of ministry. I came here and was asked to wash dishes. But it was in my time washing dishes that I discovered that anything  you are doing for the sake of the love of God is ministry.”- Intern (2015)





“I wish I could summarise everything you guys have done for me and how much everyone has come to mean to me, but it’s just not possible. Thank you for your love and dedication to this city. I cannot say thank you enough.”-Intern (2015)