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Meet The MEVs – Annie

March 25, 2017

School: Taylor University

Hometown: Upland, Indiana

Career Goal: Restoration Ministry – Create a place of belonging & becoming.

What is the best part about working with An Tobar Nua? I love that the ministry begins with prayer and worship together and that this is something that continues throughout the day. As we serve in community, we come into communion with God.

What is your favorite part about living in Galway? I have loved getting involved with the other university students. It feels like a little taste of home in another culture!

What is the most important thing God has shown you during your time with An Tobar Nua? I think God has shown me that growth is a process and that each season is different, yet He is forever with us.

What’s next? Returning home, hopefully one step closer to God’s calling for my life.