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Meet The Interns – Rebeckah

March 1, 2017

School: Oral Roberts University

Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Career Goal: To create prosthetics and take them into the mission field.

What is the best part about working with An Tobar Nua? The best part about working with An Tobar Nua is getting the opportunity to expand my horizons and broaden my views.

What is your favorite part about living in Galway? I enjoy being in Galway not only for the scenery but also the people; it is one of the few cities I feel safe to explore on my own.

What is the most important thing God has shown you during your time with An Tobar Nua? God has shown me that the things we find tedious and insignificant have meaning and importance and are significant to Him.

What’s next? This fall, I will be starting my final year at ORU. I will then work towards getting a degree in Bio-Medical engineering to follow after my dream of creating better prosthetics.