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Meet the MEVs – Raphe

July 20, 2017

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Career Goal: Software/Web Developer

What is the best part about working with An Tobar Nua? The best part about working with An Tobar Nua was first and foremost the people that I’ve worked with. The genuine feeling of welcome upon arrival, the eclectic nature and individuality of the staff and the likemindedness in our ultimate pursuit of growing closer to God while sharing that with the people of Galway. FOOD!! Haha jk, sort of.

What is your favorite part about living in Galway? I have loved getting involved with the other university students. It feels like a little taste of home in another culture!

What is the most important thing God has shown you during your time with An Tobar Nua? My favorite part of living in Galway would be a couple of things. The people here are super friendly, you can walk anywhere you need, there is great food and coffee, the views are amazing, etc. God really showed me that my reliance has to be absolutely 100% on him in order for me to be satisfied that way that my heart wants to be. He’s also given me direction direction toward the calling in my life

What’s next? Next I will be working as the Assistant Creative Director for a Ministry in Nashville called Narrow Gate Lodge, helping young men find their purpose and identity in Jesus Christ.