Student Ministries

School Outreach – An Tobar Nua has been working with Irish Junior High and High Schools for over ten years through day retreats hosted at An Tobar Nua and in Junior High and High Schools around the country.

Through the use of video, music, games, guided reflection, and personal stories, our team helps students explore themes such as Life to the Full, Friendship with God, Bullying, Social Media, Steps to Happiness, Resilience, Why Jesus, and Positive Mental Health.

Our aim is to interact with students on topics that are highly relevant and responsive to the challenges and pressures that youth are dealing with daily.

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Faith Alive – Every week, An Tobar Nua provides a space for Junior High and High School students to meet together as a youth club. Students are able to encounter their faith in new ways through music, games, scripture discussions, and Christian community.

An Tobar Nua Summer Camp – During the summer, An Tobar Nua offers a day camp for Junior High and High School students packed with activities, fun, games, talks on faith, and worship. Students look at the relevance of a faith filled life in a modern world. The camp speakers present from a Christian worldview, but encourage students to share their opinions and respect each other’s views.

Student Parties – As a part of An Tobar Nua’s outreach to local youth, our student parties offer a relaxed, fun environment to build relationships and friendships between An Tobar Nua staff and students. An Tobar Nua student parties are free to the public and include seasonal activities like Back-to-School Party, Pumpkin Carving Party, Christmas Party, Spring Break Bash Party, and End-of-School Party.