Emmaus Scripture School

Emmaus Scripture School is an ecumenical/interdenominational Bible School at An Tobar Nua in Galway City that specializes in helping students better understand Scripture.  The goal of the Emmaus Scripture School is modeled after Luke 24:13-32 when Jesus explained the Scriptures to His disciples on the road to Emmaus. Together, in a professional and educational environment, we study and explain the Scriptures. Through our in-depth study programs, our hope is that the Scriptures come alive in the lives of our students.

We focus on our common heritage in Holy Scripture and recognize our primary unity in the One Savior, Jesus Christ. Christians of all backgrounds are welcome and we respect each other’s faith traditions. We do not teach denominational theology or doctrine. Rather, our objective is that students gain a solid foundation in a Scriptural knowledge and context and learn sound methods of reading and applying the sacred text in their lives to enrich their own individual faith experience and their contributions in their respective faith traditions.

Educational and faith-enriching opportunities to study the Scripture are available in a variety of formats, including community classes, Lectio Divina, focused book and Scripture studies, and Alpha courses.

Community Classes

Our Emmaus Scripture School Presents series features special presentations of Scripture investigations by notable scholars in a live study session encompassing several consecutive evening sessions or an intensive day session several times during each year. Topics cover various subjects, such as Biblical personal finance and the Feasts of the Old Testament correlation to the Return of Jesus.

Weekly evening sessions are held in the autumn and spring and utilize a more traditional class format. Courses offered during the year focus on specific books or sections of the Scripture, such as Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, and the Psalms.

Lectio Divina

Each week, Emmaus Scripture School hosts a Lectio Divina session. This method of study is an interdenominational practice of Scriptural reading, meditation, and prayer intended to promote communion with God and to increase each person’s knowledge of God’s Word. This ancient practice of Scriptural study is not a theological analysis of biblical passages but rather is a contemplative reading, viewing all Scriptures with Christ and Christian application as the key to their meaning.

Book & Scripture Studies

Within the relaxed café context, Emmaus Scripture School facilitates weekly book and Scripture studies and discussion groups. Popular among local university students, our book studies focus on Christian heritage, understanding Christianity, and practical Christian living.