Kelly and Susan Curry
Founders and Directors
Kelly and Susan Curry established FICM in 1993. Originally from Kentucky, the Currys have been married since 1977. They have two daughters, Natalie and Leah, who were both raised in Ireland. Kelly formerly served as the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of HMA, Inc and Susan is a trained learning disabilities teacher. Both of the Currys graduated from Ravencrest Bible School. Kelly is an ordained minister and Susan is a qualified Christian counselor.



General Manager
Originally from Belfast, Mike came to An Tobar Nua in 2001 after several years in the medical manufacturing industry. With nearly two decades of experience in charity work and his business expertise, he oversees our daily operations. He also leads our Retreat department which works with students (Junior High and High School) across the country. He is an avid fan of full-contact sports and trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. When not at An Tobar Nua, Mike can be found pursuing his passion for kayaking with his family.




Head Counselor – An Tobar Nua
Tom joined the An Tobar Nua staff in 2002. As a certified Irish counselor, he has a BSc (Hons) in Counseling & Psychotherapy and is fully accredited by the Irish Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy and the Irish Association of Christian Counselors. As our Head Counselor, Thomas has been a vital part of developing our confidential and nonjudgemental counseling service. Thomas has a heart to accompany individuals as they journey towards healing and wholeness.



Counselor/ Manager/ Staff Chaplain – An Tobar Nua
Megan joined the An Tobar Nua team in 2004. She plays an active role in staff leadership. Megan is a certified Irish counselor and spends her days in the An Tobar Nua Counseling Centre. She has a heart to support and assist people in overcoming life’s challenges as they move towards healing and positive change. Megan has a BSc (Hons) in Counseling & Psychotherapy and is fully accredited by the Irish Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy.



Manager- An Tobar Nua
Jimmy has spent more than 19 years traveling the world in charity management.  Originally from Houston, Texas, he joined the An Tobar Nua team in 2013 and manages the cafe as well as the staff and intern team. Jimmy also serves as HR for the growing team. With stamps in his passport for over twenty countries, he is always looking for a new adventure. When not at An Tobar Nua, Jimmy can be found repurposing old broken collectables or exploring life with his family.

Deidre Morris


Manager – Bothar Emmaus Bookstore
After many years in the retail industry with one of Ireland’s most successful brands, Deirdre joined the team in 2006.  Her love for knowledge and her heart to help others find scriptural answers to life’s problems made the bookshop the perfect fit. She is originally from Cavan but has been a Galwegian since 1991. When not at An Tobar Nua, Deirdre can be found volunteering in her local parish or spending time with her daughter and granddaughter.

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Outreach Manager
A native Galwegian, Andrew came to An Tobar Nua in 2014 after working for two years prior with a local church  in Galway City. He graduated with a degree in Highway Engineering and was a former student of IBI (Irish Bible Institute) College. A talented singer, guitarist, and songwriter, Andrew often leads worship in different venues in Galway City and for student ministries associated with the café. He enjoys writing music, kickboxing and spending time with his wife and children.



Assistant Cafe Manager – An Tobar Nua
Originally from Marshfield, Wisconsin, Emily moved to Ireland in 2012. A Irish Study Abroad program in college first sparked a desire to live the Galway area. She graduated from University of Wisconsin – Madison in 2011 with a degree in Communicative Disorders. Her years of interning in the café qualified her for a promotion to Assistant Manager in 2016, and she is currently pursuing a degree in Counseling & Psychotherapy. Emily enjoys singing and leading worship in a local prayer group.

Student Ministries/ Café Staff
A graphic designer by trade, Kevin stepped out of the design industry to pursue working with teens in the Diocese of Galway. In 2011, he joined the An Tobar Nua team and has been a vital part of our retreats and café team since. Kevin also serves as the drummer for Elation Ministries, is featured on two albums and has toured the country with the group. He has a passion for art and photography. When not at An Tobar Nua, Kevin can be found sharpening his professional skills in Dublin and spending time with his wife and children.



Bookstore – Bothar Emmaus Bookstore 
With a diploma in Theology and Christian Ministry from Regents Theological College in the U.K., Caroline is well-suited to the bookstore. She was born in London and later moved to Ireland with her family. She joined the bookstore in 2016 and also works as a Children’s Minister in a local church. When not at work, she likes reading and spending time with her family and friends.



Demet (Demi)
Student Ministries
Demi joined the An Tobar Nua staff in 2014 after years of frequenting the café while she was a student in Galway. With a BA (Hons) in Applied Social Studies in Social Care, she loves working with students and traveling all over Ireland to present talks for student ministry. When not at work, Demi likes movies, music, and eating spaghetti bolognaise with her family.

Thomas (Tomasz)
Café Staff
Born in Poland, Thomas moved to Ireland after university and joined the café team in 2014. A trained barista, Thomas also completed his MA in Philosophy from Agieclonian University in Krakow and a MA in Theology from Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow. His hobbies include music, production, playing strategy games, and hiking with his family.



Student Ministries
Born in Surrey, England and raised in Galway, Callum started at ATN in 2012. He is currently studying for a degree in Denominated Psychology at NUIG (National University of Ireland – Galway). He enjoys academia, football, kickboxing, and traveling the world.




Café Staff
After he and his family moved from Connecticut, Elijah volunteered at the café before joining the team in 2014. He is currently attending Regent University and studying Physics. Elijah is an avid amateur photographer and collects obscure comics.




Café Staff
Chris started working in the café in 2016, after moving to Galway with his family from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He completed a BA (Hons) in Biblical & Applied Theology from Mattersey Hall. His 10 years of missionary work with children and youth-related multi-media makes him a great addition to the student ministries offered throughout year. Chris is a trained barista who loves experimenting with and drinking coffee, and enjoys undertaking new adventures with his family.