Study Abroad Missionaries

Foundation in Christ Ministries offers a hands-on study abroad program in Galway, Ireland. The program allows many university students the opportunity to gain first-hand missions and professional experience in a ministry environment. Galway is one of Ireland's largest cities and considered the most "Irish" of Ireland's cities. Within An Tobar Nua, Study Abroad Missionaries will encounter people from every walk of life, many with a secular world view and others who are wanting to explore a "Christian" life. The city has a high student population and therefore, opportunities for friendship and ministry abound.

Specific Areas of Experience

  • Cross-cultural ministry through the Café
  • Participating in full day school retreats and outreaches
  • Preparing and facilitating group discussions with students
  • Participating in and leading staff devotions
  • Training in FICM’s Relationship Evangelism model with corresponding classroom instruction

Program Parameters

Program terms are 8-10 weeks and are available to start in January, May and August of each year. Students complete a curriculum which includes practical ministry, guided self-reflection, assigned readings and group discussion. In addition, assigned coursework from the student's university may be supervised. Practicum/internship requirements may be fulfilled by the student's program participation. Foundation in Christ Ministries will work with each school to obtain credit for the student's study abroad experience; however, credit is given at each university's discretion. This is an ideal program for those seeking a genuine short-term ministry experience while continuing progress towards a university degree.

Program Provisions and Cost

Students are provided with housing in the An Tobar Nua ministry building in the medieval city of Galway, Ireland and four meals per week. Program fees vary according to students' current university tuition requirements.